This October edition of our monthly report provides details of the current technology and community developments at Kalata. We’ve included links to our recent posts that contain all the important information published during October 2021.

[Technology Development]

1. Updated the EARNING PAGE UI on the Kalata app.

1. What is kUSD?

kUSD is a decentralized stable coin that is scalable (1kUSD=1USD). It’s minted by collaterazing KALA、BEP20-BTCB、BEP20-ETH, and is kept stable through overcollateralization. It can be used for minting synthetic assets on the Kalata platform.

2. What can kUSD be used for?

Kalata has reached a strategic partnership with Biswap aimed at bringing mutual growth to both projects. The cooperation involves joint marketing and promotional campaigns which is expected to result in cross-over of community members between the two platforms. Unique opportunities will be provided for Biswap users to acquire $KALA, the…


1️⃣ On the EARN tab “approve” the BUSD staking contract

2️⃣ Enter amount of BUSD you want to stake and confirm

To claim mined $KALA LP tokens are needed. The amount of LP tokens frozen determines the speed of release of mined $KALA in the BUSD staking

3️⃣Click on ADD LIQUIDITY to supply equal value of KALA-BUSD to generate LP tokens. The more LP tokens are frozen the shorter the release time.

4️⃣Go to UNLOCK REWARD page and stake the LP tokens

5️⃣ Claim mined $KALA when the timer expires

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Derivatives trading platform based on #BSC, allowing everyone to gain on-chain exposure to a vast range of assets.

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