Kalata brings the speed and power of the blockchain to traditional assets

2 min readNov 22, 2021

We want to introduce you to an innovative project that’s doing something you’ve most likely never heard of. Let’s chat about Kalata’s Synthetic Asset Protocol:

The Kalata Protocol is a DeFi platform on BSC supported by a peer-to-peer engine where virtually any asset can be traded, whether that’s commodities, stocks, or derivatives. Because of the high fees on the ethereum network it’s not been cost effective for investors to negotiate these assets, Kalata protocol fixes that. Built on BSC, and audited by Certik, it is incredibly fast, safe, and has the lowest fees. Kalata has 200.000.000 tokens and in July was showcased in the Project Spotlight series on BSC.

Synthetic Assets have a few advantages compared to CeFi derivatives, but mainly:

Borderless: With blockchain, you can transfer synths to anyone, anywhere in the world by simply using your crypto wallet. For example on BSC, your synths are transferred in just 3 seconds with around a $0.10 transaction fee.

Tradable globally: You can move synths from one exchange to another, trade on decentralized exchanges, or swap them for other cryptocurrencies.

What are Synthetic Assets?

We will explain what synthetic assets or synths are. If you’re familiar with derivatives, you’re already halfway there as synths work on the same principle as regular CeFi derivatives. They’re tied to an underlying asset and follow its price, which means that a synth token will have the same price as the underlying asset, assuming the peg is 1:1.

The Kalata Protocol (KALA) is a synthetic asset protocol. The first version of Kalata can realize a 1:1 peg of the stock price, allowing us to merge the CeFi and DeFi worlds. It also allows traditional investors to explore DeFi and learn at a lower cost. There is no need for complicated processes. Users simply connect their decentralized wallet to the Kalata dApp and can trade global CeFi assets like Tsla,US, BIDU,US, Coin,US, the Dow Jones, ARKK (ARK Innovation ETF), SPCE,US (Virgin Galactic Holdings Inc), PACB,US (Pacific Biosciences of California), etc. This is a very thrilling innovation. We believe that DeFi is not a niche market for just a few. Kalata is the first step many traditional finance traders will take to enter the DeFi world. Our platform will help more and more users explore the main form of future finance, and will play an important role in taking DeFi mainstream.




Derivatives trading platform based on #BSC, allowing everyone to gain on-chain exposure to a vast range of assets.