FAQ for KALATA StableCoin kUSD

  • Minting synthetic assets on the Kalata platform like kCOIN, kTSLA, kSPCE, kAMZN and many others in the near future
  • Earning a yield by adding to the KALA-KUSD liquidity pool
  • Mining Kala by staking KALA-KUSD LP tokens
  • Example: User A mints kUSD with KALA at a collateral rate of not less than 150%. When the price of KALA falls, causing the MCR to go below 150%, the system allows other users to liquidate user A’s assets at a certain discount. The discount will depend on how far the MCR is below 150%.
  • Method: User B will exchange a certain amount of kUSD for the KALA pledged by User A at an agreed discount, so that User A’s collateral ratio will be restored to 150% or more.
  • Result: The kUSD used by User B for liquidation will be burned and a 1.5% commission will be charged.



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Derivatives trading platform based on #BSC, allowing everyone to gain on-chain exposure to a vast range of assets.