How to Participate in the IDO for $KALA holders

2 min readJan 8, 2022


For KALA holders, there will be a 100% chance to be eligible for the IDO event, you’ll need to have a 10k-40k KALA token staked which will enable you to get between 500–2000 USD IDO token allocation.

The only way to guarantee a 100% chance to be eligible to participate in the IDO is to have 10k-40k staked KALA tokens.

1. Immediately after staking KALA, you can obtain the qualification to subscribe for the whitelist.

2. After the staked, your KALA will be frozen.

3. 2 hours after the IDO ends, the user will be able to unfreeze the stake KALA and claim the IDO token.

Pool Details

· Token name: WE

· Token type: BEP-20

· Contract address: 0xbdcD346c1fBa225AA8892745A6fe0c2Ee9226375

· Price per token:

The initial IDO price is $0.20 and increases as the sale progresses as follows:

When the sales reaches 20%, the price is $0.24.

When the sales reaches 40%, the price will be $0.28.

When the sales reaches 60%, the price will be $0.30.

When the sales reaches 80%, the price will be $0.32.

· Total allocation: 1000,000 $WE tokens

· Accepted currency: Only $BUSD

· Vesting schedule: No

· Minimum purchase: 500 USD

· Maximum purchase: 2000 USD


Step 1: Launch

Step 2: Connect Wallet (Metamask or WalletConnect)

Step 3:There are 2 ways to participate in the $WE IDO

(1) If you’re already on the whitelist, indicate the number of tokens to be purchased directly.

(2) If you’re not on the whitelist, click the “stake $KALA to get the presale amount” button.

Note: The rule is that you can get a 500U presale amount for every 10000 KALA staked

About Weley Metaverse

Weley Metaverse is a metaverse protocol built on BSC. It has a broad product blueprint and its functions will be launched step by step. Initially, it will include a trading platform and NFT exchange market, followed by a social networking platform in the future.

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