1 min readFeb 2, 2022

This January edition of our monthly report provides details of the current technology and community developments at Kalata.

[Technology Development]

  1. $KALA tracking is now available on defillama.com/protocol/kalata
  2. Kalata 3.0 version upgrade 45%
  3. Upgrade DAO governance
  4. Kalata Protocol multi-chain test network under development

[Community Development]

1.Kalata launched a series of partnerships:

  • Turtle Finance
  • Honey Farm Protocol
  • GreenLandNFT
  • Horizon Land Metaverse
  • Lemonn

2.Kalata Held/Hosted a series of AMAs in January:

  • Lemonn on the 25th
  • Turtle Finance on the 18th
  • Honey Farm Protocol on the 6th

3.Kalata held/participated in several events in January:

  • Babybottle contest by Babyswap
  • Christmas & New Year Boosting Carnival
  • SecondLiveReal metaverse

4.Kalata completed its first IDO project: the Weley Metaverse which was held on the 10th

5.Kalata continued the execution of its 2022-Q1 roadmap.

6.Kalata TVL and APR details:

  • BTCB-kUSD liquidity pool above 15% APR
  • ETH-kUSD liquidity pool above 39% APR
  • BNB-kUSD liquidity pool above 14% APR
  • CAKE-kUSD liquidity pool above 17% APR
  • KALA-kUSD liquidity pool above 23% APR





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