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This July edition of our monthly report provides details of the current technology and community developments. We’ve included links to our recent posts that contain important information that was published during July 2021.

[Technology Development]

1. Completed the audit of the Kalata contract code in conjunction with two audit firms, Certik and Trustlook.

2. Contracts support Kala-BUSD dual currency and BUSD single currency staking functionality in the test version.

3. Optimized the mining, added liquidity, and casting interactions function in the test version.

4. Increased the way to unlock rewards in the test version.

[Community Development]

  1. Kalata Beta Version launched on July 2nd 2021.

2. The Kalata community private sale ran from July 16th to July 30th and successfully raised 500,000 BUSD with the help of the community and support from our partners.

3. Kalata will start liquidity mining soon. Stay tuned for more details.

4. Kalata has passed a security audit by Certik. https://twitter.com/KalataOfficial/status/1420339010732363776

5. Kalata has passed a security audit by Trustlook.


6. Kalata has deployed Chainlink Price Feeds on BSC.


7. Kalata has started developing a DAPP on Near. https://near.kalata.io

8. Kalata has commenced the development of a DAPP on Polygon.

9. Kalata and Tesla Fan reached a strategic partnership which will bring further benefits to both communities.

10. Kalata held an AMA with Chainlink to discuss how KALATA is redefining finance and using Chainlink to bring derivatives trading to the blockchain. More details here: reurl.cc/og3QdQ

11. Kalata successfully held an airdrop event with CoinMarketCap.More than 210,000 participants joined the airdrop. https://twitter.com/KalataOfficial/status/1416419056815513603

12. Kalata was a Binance Smart Chain spotlight project in July, with a full write up on the main Binance website. https://twitter.com/BinanceChain/status/1413930016925179908

13. Kalata is officially listed on DappRadar.


14. Kalata’s Twitter followers have grown to over 60K+.




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