SINGLE STAKING LINK: https://app.kalata.io/#/earn

1️⃣ On the EARN tab “approve” the BUSD staking contract

2️⃣ Enter amount of BUSD you want to stake and confirm

To claim mined $KALA LP tokens are needed. The amount of LP tokens frozen determines the speed of release of mined $KALA in the BUSD staking

3️⃣Click on ADD LIQUIDITY to supply equal value of KALA-BUSD to generate LP tokens. The more LP tokens are frozen the shorter the release time.

4️⃣Go to UNLOCK REWARD page and stake the LP tokens

5️⃣ Claim mined $KALA when the timer expires

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Derivatives trading platform based on #BSC, allowing everyone to gain on-chain exposure to a vast range of assets.